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Jason Bengtson, MLIS, MA

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Who Is This Guy?

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I am the Head of Library Technology Services for Washington University Libraries. Go Bears!

Don't forget to check out my book from ALA Editions-- Library Web Development: Beyond Tips and Tricks !

For a copy of my CV, go here. For more information about my presentations and publications, go here. For information about my other interests and projects, navigate to other pages on my site.

  • Continuous education in computing languages/technology topics/scientific topics
  • 2013-MA in English, University of New Mexico
  • 2008-MA in Library and Information Science (MLIS), University of Iowa
  • 2006-BA in English, University of Iowa

I am a veteran of the US Navy and the US Army Reserve. I spent years training in the martial arts and I enjoy outdoor activities of all types. I'm a big movie fan. I'm a Digital Humanist. I believe that we need to use technology to allow humans to enhance their intelligence, empathy, and creativity, while delegating monotonous tasks that expend human effort with little lasting result to machines. Digital technologies will hopefully allow us to scale up our most human works and efforts to meet the challenges of a world that has grown in population and contextual sophistication. At the same time, humans (all humans, not just the rich and privileged) can only have the time and energy to expend on those efforts when more and more of the tedious work required to maintain our world is delegated to mechanistic agency.

ego creo egomet